Mariann R. Adams, MS, NCTM is the author of these books:

Boost Core Power and Bust Anxiety: How to find peak ability and flow in the zone–Outcome Anxiety affects individuals daily. Performance anxiety, relationship anxiety, test anxiety, appearance anxiety, sports anxiety, procrastination, memory lapses, relationship issues, tension, insecurity, and indecision all come from the same thing “being unsure of coming out okay,” or Outcome Anxiety. This book BUSTS Outcome Anxiety and is the most unique, comprehensive book on anxiety available. Written in a light, playful style, it’s the result of 8 years of research.  Fixing the wrong thing doesn’t work–fix the right things and ELIMINATE  anxiety. Boost Core Power and Bust Anxiety shows you how. [Available at Amazon and bookstores.]

Boost Core Power: Pro-Launch Pad —a companion workbook to Boost Core Power and Bust Anxiety. Designed for quick results in overcoming anxiety problems–whether fleeting inconsistency or incapacitating shutdowns. This workbook helps you implement the strategies to unleash ability. Find everyday flow in the zone.  [Available at Amazon and bookstores.]

Business Core Power.  The physiological, psychological, neurological, and interpersonal science behind business for: More output. Less effort. [Provided with selected Business Consultation packages.]

Just Respect: How to build core power in self for healthy, happy relationships with others. Most people guess when solving relationship problems, but relationship principles are as predictable as gravity. Once principles are understood relationships are clear and easy.  Good relationships start with respect for self. Heal relationships. Find enjoyable, collaborative synergy. [Available soon.]

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