Below are sample media and lecture video clips, and sample topics. Topics can be adapted to general or specific audiences.

Sample media/lecture topics:  “Throw Out Your Brain and Get a New One: neuroscience power,”  “Your Brain is Hardwired to Procrastinate–Use this to your advantage,” “Appearance anxiety isn’t about appearance:  how it affects ability,” “Increase Willpower, EAT: glucose and your brain,” “There’s No Such Thing as Performance Anxiety: get to the real problem and soar,” “It’s Hard Without Your Brain: it’s not you, it’s micro-shutdowns,” “Subtle Bullying: it happens daily and it’s killing you,” “Fear is Your Friend: don’t turn off the anxiety alarm, put out the fire,” “How the Heart Overrides the Brain: change your heart (literally),” “I Won’t Walk on You and You Won’t Walk on Me: mending any relationship,” “Technology crushes or inspires the brain: how to be inspired,” “The Secret Weapon: one thing to eliminate anxiety.”