Download One United

The song One United is offered as a free download and may be used for non-commercial purposes.  However, it is the responsibility of the person copying and/or downloading to ensure that reproductions include:  “Copyright 2002 One-United Charity, Inc., LLC.  All rights reserved,”  If desired, CDs may be obtained on the “CD purchase” page at this web site.  The CD is a single with versions of accompaniment tracks.

The “full performance” version (not an “accompaniment” version) must be used in all broadcasting.  No person or company may make a profit from the use of this song.  Profit from the use of this song, constitutes a violation of this license, a violation of the copyright and may be prosecuted.  The song “One-United” may be used in paid admission performances, with written permission from One United Charity, Inc.

One-United Charity, Inc., LLC considers exceptions to the above licensing requirements, however, exceptions require written permission by One-United Charity, Inc., LLC, PO Box 2014, Pendleton, OR  97801. Inquires may be sent to l  One-United Charity, Inc., LLC, a non-profit organization, holds the copyright to the song “ONE-United.”

By downloading “One-United” from this web site, you agree to the above terms of its usage. The song is 5 1/2 minutes long.  Click on the link below to go to the media player. Click on the right side of the media player to download the full performance version: