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Mariann R. Adams is an Emotional IQ Expert. She does  consulting and coaching, is the author of three books including Boost Core Power and Bust Anxiety, and teaches on-line classes for business, education, and personal relationships. Her unique concepts have been taught across 135 countries,  enhancing ability through Emotional IQ development and anxiety elimination.

She is in a PhD Clinical Psychology program at California Southern University, specializing in Emotional IQ, enhancing ability, and industrial psychology. She teaches the psychology, physiology, and neuroscience involved in eliminating outcome-based anxiety (such as performance anxiety, sports anxiety, relationship anxiety, test anxiety, educational anxiety, financial anxiety, and business anxiety). She received her Masters in Education at Eastern Oregon University specializing in Educational Anxiety and Music/Dance/Theater.  She received her Bachelors from Brigham Young University in  in Education, and was a singer/dancer in the acclaimed Young Ambassadors performance group. 

Her honors include the New York FD Special Commendation, the Brigham Young University Alumni Distinguished Service Award, and the Oregon Mother of Achievement Award.