9. I Would Still Love You

I Would Still Love You (2:50)
(Dedicated to Suzy and Joshua)
I called you at work, the phone rang three times. Then I heard your voice on the other line. I told you what happened and hoped you’d understand. And I asked you this question from my heart:

CHORUS: If I died tomorrow, would you still love me? If I couldn’t hear your voice or see your face? If I couldn’t hold your hand or remember your name, Would you still love me? Would you still love me?

He held her hand and he knew they couldn’t stay. Tears emotion as they were moved away. Time of apprehension, worry and pain, staring through the window their love seemed to say: CHORUS

Time spent together inseparable and true, as they held hands, their promise they knew. Our pain and sorrow known, our understanding grows. From the youngest to the oldest, our answer is known:
If you died tomorrow, I’d still love you.
If you couldn’t hear my voice or see my face. If you couldn’t hold my hand or remember my name, I’d still love you. I would still love you.

Words & Music—Karen & Julie Adams, Vocal-Julie Adams, Backup– Sherie Christensen, Piano-Karen Adams, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: I Would Still Love You

When we think of loss we usually think of death.  But the composers of this song were also concerned about addressing other types of losses such as loosing the ability to think from Alzheimer’s, or loosing the ability to walk, see or hear, etc. They wanted to show that love knows no bounds and is not deterred by physical ability, or even the boundaries of life. So they beautifully expressed these ideas intertwined with the story of their toddler cousin, Suzy, who passed away when she climbed under the car and her loving father did know she was there when he drove out. Shortly after the song was composed, a precious teenage friend, Joshua, also lost his life in a car accident.  So the song is dedicated in honor of both Suzy and Joshua.