8. Faith That You Are There

Faith That You Are There (3:14)

Faith, faith, faith to conquer the storm. Faith, faith, faith to conquer the mountain. Fill up every mountain stream, wash away the stains. Calm the raging waters, heal my every pain.

CHORUS: Faith the size of a mustard seed grows in my heart to a testimony. Fills my heart with everlasting love. Strong enough to conquer all the earth.

Faith in the life I live, faith in every morn. Faith that you will come again when faith will be no more.

You died for me, and I believe you know my need. You will be there for me and you, for you and me.

Faith, faith, faith, faith to conquer the storm. Faith, faith that you are there.

Words & Music-Karen & Julie Adams, Vocal-Karen Adams, Piano-Karen Adams, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All rights reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Faith That You Are There (Dedicated to Shirley)

This song was originally written to comfort its composer, in doing so she brought beauty to others, as well.  A friend found comfort through her garden when her mother, “Shirley,” passed away.  Through self-expression she brought beauty to others.  There are many kinds of self-expressions which help the individual in difficult times and bring beauty to others.

This song is dedicated to “Shirley” but there are actually two people named Shirley for which it is dedicated.  The first is the mother of our dear friend, the second we learned about in an unexpected way:  During the recording of “Treasuring You” we went to a fast food restaurant. I noticed a gentleman sitting alone. My 5-year-old greeted him and I joined in. After general conversation he mentioned that his wife had recently passed away and his eyes said everything.  I quietly sat down and put my arm around him.  Through misty eyes he then told me about “Shirley.”  Even strangers can find an instant bond.  Take time to look around.