7. Watering Flowers

Watering Flowers (3:03)
I water flowers as I go to see where you are resting. I water flowers because I know there’s others that are longing. And when I water someone’s flower, the water dries my tears that hour. I’ve much to give and I can live, if I am watering flowers.

I see a child who needs some love, can I stretch to make room? I give some time, and soon I see the child start to bloom. The world’s not what I want it to be, but there’s a child’s smile for me. And I know that I turned the key, because I watered flowers.

I travel down life’s winding road and wonder if I’m moving. I stop to help another soul, and find the road more soothing. And as I slow my pace awhile, and help someone be strong that mile, my worries melt into a smile, because I’m watering flowers.
Someday the world will be different
But ’til then…

As much as you think you need me, to water your dear flower, it’s really me that’s needing you, to comfort me this hour. I thank you for your company. You don’t know what you mean to me. Heart and soul will be set free, because we watered flowers.

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Vocal-Bart Adams, Piano-Mariann Adams, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All rights reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Watering Flowers (Dedicated to LaNaire )

For several years we visited an elderly couple monthly. Then she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and over the next few months we shared the difficult experience saying good-bye to her.  We continued to visit him monthly. At the end he unfailingly said, “I thank you for your company.” He was the epitome of graciousness.  About a year after her passing he casually mentioned that he had been to her grave every day since her death except five days. He also said he carried water for flowers when he went.  I asked him if he had live flowers on her grave.  He said no, her grave had silk flowers, but that he watered the live flowers on the other graves as he walked to hers. This type of quiet nurturing was typical of him. He especially loved children.  He found, as have others, that when making a difficult road easier for others it is also made easier for ones self.