6. Remember Me

Remember Me (2:02)
Remember me, come on and let’s go play. Remember me, think of our “bestest” day. Remember me, guess what I’m gonna say, Always—
Remember me, to me you’re number one. Remember me, we’ll never be out done. Remember me, why don’t we share some fun? Always—remember me.
Don’t let the good old days become a haze. Write a book about our joys and follies. Now I’ve moved on, it is in you I live on. Can you talk of me each day?

Remember me, I wiped your tears away. Remember me, I always made your day. Remember me, I knew just what to say, Always—remember me, and all my silly jokes. Remember me, and how we scared the folks. Remember me, I’m such a charming “bloke.” Always—remember me. Hey, listen to what you know I’m gonna say. You know I always wanted you happy. And it won’t do if you are always blue. Come on now and give me that smile.

Remember me, yeah, right behind my back. Remember me, let’s hear a wisecrack. Remember me, don’t let the good stuff slack. Always—
Remember me, let’s take a sidetrack. Remember me, hey, have a flashback. Each time you do, I’ll have a come-back. Happy, Come on, Always—remember me.

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Vocal-Karen Adams, Backup -Sherie Christensen, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All rights reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Remember Me (Dedicated to Grandpa and Grandma)

Counseling professionals say that an important part of healing is to speak and write about the lost loved one. It is through us that their memory is preserved for future generations. This song reminds us to remember. Many of the lines in the song came from childhood memories, particularly a Grandpa who was a craftsman at telling jokes. At his funeral, an aunt quipped that he was probably watching and saying that he got one on us all.  Through misty eyes everyone laughed. Though we missed him, it was also good to talk about him and remember the fun.