3. I Will Live


3- I Will Live (3:05)  Lyrics, recording, and the story  behind the song.

I will live in your honor, I will laugh and I’ll cry. I will feel life more deeply—not let it pass by. I will not think of “what if,” I will face all that is. I will listen to feelings, I’ll love and I’ll give. ’Cuz…

CHORUS: I’m missing you, miss you through and through. And that’s okay, it’s what I should do. Yeah, I’m missing you. It means, “I love you.” There’s just no easy way to do hard things.

I will not think that always, will be like today. Slowly each wave of sorrow heals hearts, they say. Past the questions and anger, disbelief and despair, it takes one ray of sunlight, to pierce the night. Still… CHORUS

When I learn more of death, do I learn more of life? Can I feel deepest joy without some of this strife? If somehow I took grief out of this loss—then I’d have to take love out of my life. So… CHORUS

Maybe treasures are waiting—is there something to gain? Will I sense deep compassion—and the price is my pain? I am not here to fail, I was meant to succeed. I am here to find joy, I’ll accomplish the deed. Still… CHORUS

Words & Music-Brian & Mariann Adams, Lead and back up vocals—Brian Adams. Copyright 2003 Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved.  This may be downloaded for personal use, and broadcast with written permission. Please include the website source with its use.

The Story Behind the Song: I Will Live

This song is dedicated to EB who lost a best friend, GS, to suicide.  As is understandable, it was almost impossible to engage in work or school afterwards. This song was written to reinforce that the difficult feelings are understandable but that “always won’t be like today” and that he would find joy again. At GS’s funeral the comment was made that the only way to take grief out of death was to take love out of life.  So these words were included.  It is common for the bereaved to wonder if they could have done things differently, why they lived instead, or if they will ever feel joy again.  Happy days will come again, but there is no easy way to do the hard days that come first.

Suicide is an especially difficult situation. Those in that situation are ill and there are second chances. And while it is a release of pain for them, it brings intense  pain to both loved ones and strangers. It is a permanent solution to a temporary situation–nearly all persons attempting suicide are later thankful that they did not succeed. If considering suicide, DON’T. Get help. Do end the pain, but end it in a positive way. There are many who care.  Reach for help until you find it.