2. Somehow

Somehow (3:30)
I question where you are. I question who I am. I wonder what will be, the way that things now stand. So much that doesn’t seem to change. So much that never will be the same. You came into my life and now without you here, it seems I have to face my greatest fear. I can’t see how things can be without you here with me…somehow.

I cannot see the world the way I did before. With passing we both go
through another door. I look around at all your things and see the way that you made them sing. You gave them meaning, and as I touch I see, I’m really reaching out to touch you. I can’t see how things can be without you here with me…somehow.

I think I reach in vain to touch you through the pain. But sometimes seems to be you’re standing close to me. And something very real inside
says I have nothing to fear or hide, that you’re not far away, and in my heart you’ll stay, as long as stars will shine through darkened skies. Don’t have to see how things can be without you here with me…somehow.

And if I calm my head, and hear what my heart said. I know the private words I speak to you are heard. My thoughts caress you everyday. I love you now in a different way. Sometimes you’re here with me and though I cannot see, feeling’s enough for me to know. Don’t have to see how things could be without you here with me…somehow.

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Arr. Karen Adams, Vocal-Sherie Christensen, Piano-Karen Adams, Flute-Sherie Christensen, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All rights reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Somehow (Dedicated to Beatrice)

A close friend lost her mother, Beatrice.  Though strong in her faith, she said she still had to search her feelings.  Touching her mother’s belongings brought back memories.  She experienced new fears, new feelings and a new view of the world.  As she struggled, there came a time when she quieted her head and listened more carefully to her heart.  As she did, she said a profound peace enveloped her.  She felt that her mother was very near and that things would be all right…”somehow.”