17. Rely on Me

Rely On Me (3:43)
Who do you rely on when the go’n gets rough, the way is tough, you’ve had enough? When you’re full of delusion, your mind’s in confusion, and hope’s an illusion, where will you go? When you are depressed, with loneliness, and life is stressed, Rely on me.

CHORUS I’m faith as the sun will rise. I’m faithful as the stars in midnight skies. I’m faithful as the spring will come again. I’m faithful and I’ll be your truest friend…I’m faithful. Rely on me.

Who do you rely on when you’ve lost your way on a bitter day, and you’re not okay? When it feels too late, you want to hate, your loss is great, where will you go? When you reach the end, you cannot bend, your heart won’t mend, Rely on me. CHORUS

Who do you rely on that will never lie, who does know why, and helps you try? When you do your part the Healer’s art will mend your heart. Where will you go? Do you really trust that you’re precious. Things will be just.
Rely on me. CHORUS

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Vocal-Bart Adams, Piano-Mariann Adams, Violin-Aaron Ashton, Drums– Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Rely On Me (Dedicated to Kimberly Sue)

Kimberly Sue was the sister of a strong, young father. He said that she was one to rely on reliable sources.  Her passing caused him to reflect on what he relied on.  In times of difficulty there are many people we can choose to rely on.  Inner security depends upon how reliable they actually are.  As this song began to be recorded I realized how perfectly the lyrics fit the person singing it and it was a tender moment.  I had attached a different meaning to the song and was surprised by this new, and equally valid, interpretation.

Songs take on their own meanings to the listener.  Meanings can change with circumstances and even be multi-dimensional.  We hope that as you listen to these songs that you will attach the meanings that are significant for you, and that these songs make healing from loss easier.  We also hope that you will recognize that there are dependable sources to rely on.  We encourage you to seek these sources and draw the strength that is available.