16. Solace

Solace (1:41)
If the sun always shines you never see the stars, you never feel the moonlight soft on your face. And though you like the sun and this is no fun, there’s solace in a quiet place.

When you’re done with all this, tell me, who will you be? Will you profoundly grow or meet your disgrace? Though you’re knocked to your knees, you can break free through solace in a quiet place.

CHORUS Peace by piece, line by line, step by step, in due time. Struggle within climb the mountain. You determine if you will win.

Come to grips with what’s true, set your sights to get through. Stretch and dare to learn something new. When fierce gales blow, inside you can know there’s solace in a quiet place.

There are people who care but they cannot always share. In the end the final work’s up to you. Will you anger like steel, or patiently heal through solace in a quiet place.

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Vocal-Brian Adams, Piano-Mariann Adams, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Solace (Dedicated to Steven)

Steven knew all too well that grief can expand or stifle a person.  His counseling benefited countless people.  And while persons sought him for his wisdom, he was also wise enough to know that they had to do their own work.  He could only point the path that they would have to walk in the private corners of their own hearts.  He knew the value of a quiet place as he grapeled with a terminal illness.  Were his voice heard, he would still be gently encouraging others, especially his own children: “In the end the final work is up to you…climb the mountain…you determine if you will win.”