13. Doggone Juvenile

Doggone Juvenile (2:15)
I must be real hard up, I went and got a pup; they say that doggies ease the loneliness ya feel. I nearly lost my mind. I gave her back three times. I never would have though she’d be my “bestest” friend.

CHORUS: She’s my…Poochie, hoochie, coochie, smoochie poochie pal. Don’t know how she does it but she does it so well. Poochie, hoochie, coochie, smoochie, poochie, pal.

She chewed my underwear, left puddles everywhere. I swear that poochie came right out of you know where. How could it be I’m fine, I’m chasing a canine? I must have some disease, I think it’s puppy love. CHORUS

She doesn’t kiss like you, but minds me better. Ooh! Don’t get me wrong, hey, I’d prefer you any day. Won’t see you for a while. ‘Til then I got’a smile. This canine’s my distraction, doggone juvenile! CHORUS

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Vocal-Bart Adams, Piano-Mariann Adams, Voice over & percussion-Bart, Mariann, Karen, & Julie Adams, Sherie & Trent Christensen, Drums-Trent Christensen, Kazoo-Julie Adams. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Doggone Juvenile (Dedicated to Keyko)

Keyko is owned by an adopted Grandma. As we have visited this Grandma each month we have been privy to watching her get the dog so she wouldn’t be so lonely, his being taken back to the breeder three times in exasperation, his finally getting potty trained, his learning puppy manners, his becoming tolerable and finally his becoming her best friend.   A year or so after she got Keyko I pulled into a parking spot by a car with a dog that looked like Keyko.  On closer observation I realized it was Keyko, sitting on Grandma’s lap looking at the photos that she had just gotten developed.

This song is a fun reminder that joy can be derived in unexpected ways. It is a favorite of children, and since there are children young and old who need a bit of laughter, we hope it is enjoyed.   It is also a reminder that having something to take care of can be a blessing.