12. Until Tested

Until Tested (1:56)

Maybe faith isn’t faith until it’s tested. Maybe faith isn’t faith until it’s tried.
Maybe faith means to set your heart more firmly. Maybe faith means you must decide.

There are times when we want God to embrace us. There are times when we want to know He cares. We forget that the power to reach is in us. It’s through faith that we know He’s there.

When our eyes only see what is before us, we forget that reality is more. For this life is a fraction of forever. It’s through faith that we can see more.

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Arr.-Karen Adams, Vocal-Julie Adams, Piano-Karen Adams, Flute-Sherie Christensen, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Until Tested (Dedicated to Jared)

It is impossible to face death without thinking about values and beliefs.  The severe finality of death, coupled with compelling love, forces an examination of ones deepest feelings.  While each individual will have a different perspective on faith, it is nonetheless a dominant theme at the time of death.  The songs on this CD were deliberately written non-denominationally to accommodate individual belief.  They were also written symbolically so that persons could attach their own meanings and values.  In the end, each individual must find their own peace through their own search for truth. Truth can not be imposed, nor gifted.  It only comes through private contemplation.  Through personal quest, a person can come to understand a great deal more about themselves and their personal faith, and then enjoy the benefits of that  increased self-awareness.