10. Morning Star

Morning Star (2:04)

Music & piano-Julie Adams, Chimes-Sherie Christensen, Drums– Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003, Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved.

The Story Behind the Song: Morning Star (Dedicated to adopted Great Grandma Greer)

Great Grandma Greer was a grand lady.  She was an adopted great Grandma that we met when she was in her 80’s. Despite the physical limitations common with old age, she was constantly cheerful.  As her health declined, her concern for others seemed to grow.  I visited her in the nursing home a few days before she passed away.  She had difficulty seeing and hearing, was bedridden and lacked the strength to even feed herself, yet when I walked in she delightfully exclaimed, “Well, aren’t I the luckiest person in the world!”  What a profound moment.  She was able to find love, beauty and opportunity in the world, despite severe problems and disabilities. Perhaps she was luckiest person in the world.