1. The Secret Door

The Secret Door (3:51)   Lyrics and recording.

I don’t know why things have happened this way. I don’t pretend to know the beginning from the end. But I know your troubles are tough and hard to bear, I want you to know there’s lots of us who care.

CHORUS: Can the eagle soaring in the sky, fly without the wind? Can the flower opening to the sun bloom without the rain? And every tear we ever share unlocks a secret door. Releases true nobility, expands the heart, and more…

So when your days are darkest night, gather your courage, don’t give up the fight. And when the future is tough and crumbling in, stand extra tall and in the end you’ll win. CHORUS

No tear that falls is ever shed in vain, some kinds of greatness are found in the rain. So when the burden is tough and hard to stand, we’ll weather any storm by clasping hands. CHORUS

Words & Music-Mariann Adams, Vocal Sherie Christensen, Violin-Aaron Ashton, Piano-Mariann Adams, Drums-Trent Christensen. Copyright 2003 Mariann Adams. All Rights Reserved. 

This may be downloaded for personal use, and broadcast with written permission. Please include the website source with its use.

The Story Behind the Song: The Secret Door

Within a few days of each other, two high school students faced tragedy which affected the entire school and community.  One girl lost her mother to  suicide.  A young man lost his parent in an unexpected death.  These students were members of high school choirs with a concert pending.  This song was written the day before the concert and first performed in the choir room prior to the concert to support these students.  The director said the song focused the choir and helped them support each other.  A few weeks later, a prominent leader and chaplain passed away in a wilderness hiking accident. The song was sung to the widow at her home to strengthen her as she faced raising her little ones alone.