Every person needs solid Emotional IQ training. Why? 

Emotional IQ is the highest predictor of success.  We’ve all seen the doctor with terrible bed-side manner who can’t keep a staff; the new manager whose crew sabotages or self-destructs; or the promising relationship that fizzles. What’s the solution? Increase Emotional IQ.

A lack of Emotional IQ costs time, money, energy, ill feeling and health. Ask any HR department, marriage counselor or administrator. Problems cause anxiety which shuts down the problem-solving part of the brain and changes the personality. Have you seen this when people become frustrated, fearful, angry, avoidant, irritated, insecure or irrational? Problems become hard to solve. Why?  It’s hard to do anything without the brain. But emotional IQ skills  increase brain function and warm personalities in seconds.  Problems aren’t hard; anxiety is hard.

Why wait until arguments to understand relationship anxiety, decline to address business anxiety, crushing debt to reverse financial anxiety,  discouragement to handle performance anxiety, inconsistency to slam sports anxiety, failure to eliminate test anxiety, self-depreciation to  abolish appearance anxiety, or addiction, depression, disconnection, divorce, damage or near suicide to address anxiety pressures? Be proactive. Fix problems. Prevent problems.

Do you know how?  Learn the physiological, psychological, neurological, and interpersonal science behind business and personal success.  Our Emotional IQ skills training condenses years of solid research into easy principles for quick mastery. The result is:  More output. Less effort. 

Find Your Emotional IQ Core Power.